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Divi Box Info Section Install Documentation

If you do not have a Divi license already, you will either need to:

DIVI Box Info Section Bundle is fully compatible with Latest Divi . Some features or elements may not be compatible with previous versions. Please ensure that you’ve downloaded the latest version of Divi.The Divi theme is not included in this package. To download Divi, you must first purchase in order to install the Divi Child theme, you must have Elegant themes Membership and Divi Theme..

Installing Our Divi Box Info Section Bundle

The Divi Library is a powerful tool for web designers, as it allows you to build and categorize custom designs that you can use to jump-start your future projects. Using the portability system, these custom designs can now be easily transferred between websites and shared with your peers. Before we begin, make sure you have Divi installed on WordPress before installing this bundle Layout Designs. We recommend doing this on a Latest Divi version.

Note : A good knowledge of Divi and basic knowledge of CSS For Custom Changes

Step 1

Download and unzip the ‘divi-info-box-sections-pack-v-1-1.zip’ file to your computer. Once you’ve UnZip \divi-info-box-sections-pack-v-1-1 zip file, you will find following folder directory.

Step 2

Go to Dashboard >> Divi >> Divi Library >> Click On Import/Export Option

Or Check Video Installation Guide

How To Use Divi Info Box Sections Default Styles In Divi Theme ?

Check Video Installation Guide For divi Info Box Sections carousel styles

For Carousel You need to add js and css of slick slider. You can add 4 way css and js code many way. Please follow below Video instructions for Installation .

Step 3

Navigate to the Import tab. Click the “Choose File” button and locate DIVI Box Info Section Template and click the “Import Divi Builder Layouts button.”

Step 4

Add Divi Box Info Section Bundle Template Style to Your Pages. From your WordPress Dashboard, go to Pages > ALL Pages / Add New. Click to use the Divi Builder and deploy the Visual Builder. Select Section And Click on Plus icon And Insrt Section“Add From Library” tab and select the Divi Box Info Section Style from the list to load the Selected DiviSkill Section Style on Section.

Step 5

Click Save Changes Button.

Repeat This process ,If you want to add another DIVI Box Info Section Bundle Template Style for each new section, Adding a new Section to each one.

That’s it …..


In order to successfully run Our Divi Theme Or Layouts Bundle on your website your server environment will have to meet certain PHP and WordPress minimal version requirements.  PHP 8.0.X or higher

Theme Or Layout Bundle requires php 8.0.X or higher installed on your server.

  • ✓ Self-Hosted WordPress Installation
  • ✓ Divi Theme by Elegant Themes
  • ✓  PHP version 8 or greater
  • ✓ memory_limit 256M
  • ✓ post_max_size 128M
  • ✓ max_execution_time 300
  • ✓ upload_max_filesize 128M
  • ✓ max_input_time 300    
  • ✓ max_input_vars 5000
  • ✓  MySQL version 5.6 or greater OR MariaDB version 10.0 or greater.
  • ✓  HTTPS support
  • ✓  Nginx or Apache with mod_rewrite module